why muslims are weak?

Education Poverty. If we say it literally; Lack of quality and contemporary education
If we say it very precisely; Rational, memorizing, submissive, religious-oriented and outdated education

What’s in Islam?

Cutting of the head (4 verses of Muhammad)

Penis Meat Cut Ritual

Animal Massacre Feast

Beating in Ramadan

Involve in people’s clothing

Massacres (5 verses of Tevbe)

How they defend themselves?

Because they do not have the knowledge to defend the so-called values in the face of strong arguments, the only solution is to keep a close eye on the untidy tiles that look at (and think they have given) their solutions. They swear at two from behind.

Muslims can marry girls around the world. (Talak-4 )

Never give life to different beliefs( Bakara 193 , Tevbe 1-12 ve 29. Ayetler, Nisa-89 )

Creating Enemies of people according to their beliefs (Al-i Imran-28)

As an enemy to peace (Muhammed-35)

Using only women as sex slaves (Bakara-223)

Giving unbelievable killing orders (Bakara 178)

By accepting a crime like slavery as normal and separating people (Bakara-221 ),

Physical Torture, by encouraging spiritual torture and massacres ( ( Maide-33 ve 38 , Muhammed-4 , Nur-2 ve 4 , Nisa-15 ve 34)

Discrimination among people and racism… (Nahl-75 ve 76)

By restricting travel freedom (Tevbe-28)

1.5 Billion Muslims live with these differences in the world!
No training.
No production.
No industry.
No economy.
No human rights.
No democracy.
No freedom.
No science.
No art.
The most important is NO HUMAN.
Screenshot_3.jpg    Hmm


The funny side is that there is no authenticity.

According to the Shariah: the head of the kafirs will be cut off. The women will not be able to go out. The men will have to pray.


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